Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 (Dianabol): Why Dbol is the Best for You
Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 (Dianabol): Why Dbol is the Best for You

Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 (Dianabol): Why Dbol is the Best for You

Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 is an orally effective anabolic steroid originally developed in Germany and released in the US in the early 1960s by Ciba Specialty Chemicals. Pharma Bol (Dianabol) is a derivative from testosterone, one of the most popular steroid compounds in the world and the second steroid ever produced.

Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 (Dianabol) is the best anabolic steroid for you. Dbol, as it’s better known by bodybuilders and weightlifters, has been around since the 1960s and still dominates as a favorite among those looking to build muscle mass. Pharma Bol is also great at burning fat and developing lean muscle tissue. Read on to learn more about this amazing steroid!

What is Pharmacom Pharma Bol 100?

Pharma Bol 300 is an orally active anabolic-androgenic steroid originally developed in Germany and released in the U.S. in the early 60s by Ciba Specialty Chemicals. It’s derived from testosterone, one of the most popular steroids compounds ever made.

How does Pharmacom Labs’ Dianabol work in the body?

Once Dianabol is injected into the body, it quickly converts into a potent androgen via interaction with the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This is one of the primary reasons why injectable orals give significantly higher gains per milligram than oral steroids in pill form.

Pharma Bol’s fast-acting nature allows it to begin interacting with androgen receptors almost immediately, in a matter of hours after injection. This rapid androgen conversion creates a fast anabolic environment that is easy for the body to utilize, making it perfect for bulking cycles when quick gains are desired.

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What are the benefits of using Pharma Bol 100?

Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol has quite a few benefits that users can utilize. These benefits are mostly due to the fact that it is a fast-acting oral steroid. Here are some of the benefits:

·          More protein synthesis (bigger muscles)

·          Lean muscle gains with no water retention

·          Very strong anabolic and androgenic effects

What are the side effects that come from Dianabol usage?

Using Dianabol can result in several side effects. This is due to how it interacts with the body and attaches to the AR, creating massive gains. Some of these negative side effects include:

·          Acne

·          Hair loss

·          Gynecomastia

Although Dianabol is known for having a high rate of occurrence for side effects, it can be easily avoided if you follow some simple steps. These steps include staying well hydrated, eating enough calories daily that are filled with nutrients, and sticking with an effective aromatase inhibitor (AI).

What are the recommended dosages for Pharma Bol 100?

The dosages for Pharma Bol are dependent on your goals when using it. If you’re looking for fast mass gains, take 500mg every day for 6 weeks.

If you want to reduce body fat and increase muscle hardness, take 300-400mg per week for 8 weeks. Remember that these doses are only the minimum effective range; most users find that they prefer even higher dosages than these to maximize their benefits.

Where is Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 legally available?

These countries are where Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 can be bought legally:


-United Kingdom


-New Zealand




Pharmacom Pharma Bol 100 Product Reviews:

1.    Tej Druid (January 14, 2021): I freaking love Dbol! And Pharmacom just arrived with this new version of Dbol called Pharma Bol and it’s even better! It comes packed in a small box that holds two 10mL vials inside. The liquid is nice and clear, not cloudy at all. All you need to do is mix 10mL with 2.5mL distilled water (included) and this will make 100mg/ml of Dianabol liquid.

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2.    Rhino 60 (January 19, 2021): I’ve been using Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol for almost 3 months now…and the results are amazing! Gained 20 pounds since starting it but still look leaner than ever before. It came packed in its own box which included detailed instructions on how to use it along with 5 empty 10mL vials if you wanted to save any for future days.

3.    Gabriel Sanchez (January 30, 2021): No headaches! No stomach discomfort! And no injuries from the gym. I had some slight acne breakouts on my back and shoulders at first, but that was it. Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol is the best oral anabolic on the market and only costs $250 for 100 10mL servings…while other brands charge $500-600 for 50-60 servings of their brand.

4.    Sherwin Precilla (January 28, 2021): I tried several different brands before finally deciding to stick with Pharmacom Labs products after looking into them more. Gave this one a shot since me and my buddies needed something new to get us through heavy workouts. We all seem to like it better than Anadrol so far since we feel that Pharma Bol has less sides than Anadrol.

5.    Aria Onyx (February 9, 2021): Pharma Bol 100 is the only oral steroid I’ll ever use again! The gains are nothing short of fantastic.

6.    Andy Durham (February 8, 2021): Me and my buddies have been using Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol for almost 2 months now…and the results are beyond insane! Started off with 300mg per week which was perfect to gauge how our bodies reacted to it. Ended up upping the dosage after 4 weeks and staying on 400mg per week so far. Gained about 15 pounds of muscle already!

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7.    Dwayne Palmer (April 1, 2021): Been doing some research lately about how to get more mass while still staying lean and came across some good articles about Dbol. Gave it a shot since I was looking for something that would help me recover after heavy workouts. It definitely helps! The only downside is the bacne I got from it which isn’t too bad at all…but other than that, Pharma Bol has been good to me.

8.    David E. (April 3, 2021): Noticed major strength gains right off the bat with Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 and haven’t looked back ever since. Me and my friends have already ordered another round of it so we’ll be using this stuff for the foreseeable future now.

9.    Matt Voss (April 5, 2021): Pharma Bol is one of the most popular steroids out today, and for good reason. Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol is very well-rounded and not too harsh on your system…so you can still enjoy gains while staying healthy and injury-free!

10. Matthew Washington (April 15, 2021): I was looking for something to help me with my workouts and speed up the recovery process. Pharma Bol has definitely helped me do both and is one of the best anabolics out there right now!

There’s a reason why Dianabol is considered the best, and Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 explains why!

If you’re looking for the best legal supplement to increase your muscle mass, then Pharmacom Labs Pharma Bol 100 (Dianabol) is just what you need. It works by increasing testosterone levels which builds more muscle and helps with fat loss. The results are phenomenal! We hope this article has helped clarify any questions about the benefits of taking Dbol supplements like Pharmcom Labs Pharma Bol 100 so that now you can make an informed decision on whether or not it’s right for you.

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